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1914 - WW1 Begins

Britain declares war on Germany on behalf of the entire British Empire. Canada accepts this role and, for the first time, comes together as a Corps of one country.

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1914 - Komagata Maru

The Komagata Maru drops anchor in the Burrard inlet. The Government seeks to, and eventually succeeds in, barring entry to hundreds of Sikh immigrants.

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1880 - 1884 - CP Rail

Thousands of underpaid Chinese labourers are recruited by the PC railway.

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Chinese workers are banned from public works by the Government.

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1867 - Confederation

Provinces that joined the newly created Canada: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario.

1870: Manitoba and the Northwest Territories joined Confederation.

1871: British Columbia joined Confederation.

1873: Prince Edward Island joined Confederation.

1898: The Yukon Territories joined Confederation.

1905: Alberta and Saskatchewan joined Confederation.

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1839 - Lord Durham’s Report Issued.

Changes to the structure of the colonial government were proposed by Lord Durham, the (by that time, resigned) Governor General of Canada, after being sent to Canada to investigate the reasons for the rebellion between Upper and Lower Canada. Many of these changes are still the basis for today’s system - maybe without the recommendation to eradicate the French language. Lord Durham also recommended that Upper and Lower Canada be merged. Changes are first 

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1815 - War of 1812 ends

The Treaty of Ghent is signed on December 24th, 1814, ending the War of 1812.

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The Top Ten Timeline

Module 1, Lesson 1.2D, Assignment Part C

This is a cumulative assignment in which you will apply all the skills you have learned in this section.

You will create a timeline of the top ten events in Canadian History from 1815 to 1914.

Use a variety of primary and secondary sources, print and non-print souces.

To complete the timeline assignment, follow these steps:

  • Conduct research to find the top ten events, in your opinion, from 1815 and 1914. Use primary and secondary sources. Use the Internet and print sources of information. Hint: You can use Part A of this assignment to help.
  • Choose the top ten events, in your opinion, from 1815 to 1914.
  • Create a bibliography that lists all the sources of your information. Rate each resource in the bibliography for its reliability. Use a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most reliable.Write a sentence or two to justify your rating. Hint: refer to the guidelines from Lesson 1.2 C.
  • Write a brief, 150-word paragraph that justifies the events you included on the timeline. Use 5 to 10 facts to support your opinion. Hint: identify your bias!
  • Design your timeline. Be sure to label the top ten dates and corresponding events. The timeline should be well organized and easy to read. Include images or drawings where appropriate.

This assignment is the last piece of work for the cumulative section assignment.

Assessment Guidelines

The assignment will be marked according to these criteria:

  1. The timeline: 15 marks
    Completeness (6 marks)
    Organization (5 marks)
    Images and drawings (4 marks)
  2. The paragraph: 15 marks
    Clear identification of bias (6 marks)
    Use of facts to support opinions (5 marks)
    Organization of ideas (4 marks)
  3. The bibliography: 20 marks
    Variety of sources: at least one from each of primary, secondary, print (6 marks)
    Style: proper format is used (8 marks)
    Each source is rated and the rating is justified, using these guidelines:
  •  To receive full marks, the entry must be complete and accurate.
  • Completeness: all four columns are complete for each entry.
  • Accuracy: all four columns contain accurate information, i.e., facts can be proven by checking the page number in the textbook. (6 marks)


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